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It's very important that you choose an efficient and reliable contractor for your construction, demolition, and excavation projects. Mistakes in projects like these can prove costly, hence they require experience and skills to be accomplished safely. Don't settle for an amateur contractor who can break the bank by delaying your projects. Rely on us and you'll have complete peace of mind. Call our friendly staff now at 701-594-3949.

Quality machinery, crew, and tools for your important projects

Get a wide variety of machinery, tools perfectly suited to perform your tough jobs to your satisfaction. Construction jobs are time-consuming. It is very crucial that your projects are completed within the stipulated time-frame. This can only be achieved through experienced crew, high-end machinery and right set of tools that will contribute to the quick completion of your project.

We pride ourselves in having superior machinery designed and capable of delivering achievable results quickly and efficiently. Our friendly staff will ensure that your projects are completed on time so that there is no delay or hindrances to your construction. We'll build roads, excavate land, demolish buildings, perform land clearing services and more for you. You'll get all these services surprisingly at the price you'll simply love.

  • Excavators

  • Dozers

  • Side dumps

  • End dumps

  • Pay loaders

  • Tandems

  • Graders

Get a top-notch workforce to handle on your demolition / construction site.

You'll get our efficient team with the right machinery to perform your tough jobs in no time. Benefit from our rich construction experience and well equipped resources right away!

Construction equipment's you can rely on

Choose the right contractor for your demolition and excavation jobs

“Site excavation is easy and quick with the right set of tools.”

Serving a 60 mile radius of Emerado, ND

Get the ideal team and the right tools for your excavation needs

  • Semi

  • Packers

  • Off-road trucks

  • Skidsteers

  • Concrete crusher (crushes concrete)

  • Cone crusher (crushes gravel)